Abergavenny Food Festival - The Garden Shed



As part of a weekend of food inspired programming for the Abergavenny Food Festival, I was invited to host the Garden Shed.  The Garden Shed was a space dedicated to talking about growing and to host practical workshops and hands-on activities for children. 





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The Noughticulture Talks: Growing to eat in small spaces at The Garden Museum

MARCH 2017


In the first of a series of talks curated by Alice Vincent (Author of How to Grow Stuff and writer for The Telegraph), I was part of a panel alongside gardener Jack Wallington to discuss how to approach growing edible plants in urban spaces. 








RCA Fine Art Talk (as part of the Chelsea Fringe)

MAY 2017


As part of The Chelsea Fringe Festival, I was invited by the Royal College of Art to speak about growing food in the city.  The event included a presentation on my journey from working in media into becoming an urban organic food grower in London and a conversation with curator, Anne Duffau (pictured) and the audience covering food sovereignty, seed saving and sustainable beekeeping.