I am an organic grower based in Hackney. As part of the social enterprise Growing Communities, I worked as a Patchwork Farmer growing salad on a certified organic site in Stoke Newington.  Alongside organic growing, I have also worked as a school food grower and workshop facilitator, delivering food growing workshops to children in schools and community centres.  I passionately believe that seed saving is a political act and that sustainable beekeeping techniques are key to supporting the health and genetic diversity of honeybees. 

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I was the lead gardener in the initial stage of Farmopolis, looking after thousands of donated plants  from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.  Prior to this role, I worked as an Urban Gardener and Beekeeper for The Bee Friendly Trust.

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Before embarking on a career working with food and nature, I was a producer working in documentary and television in New York and London.  I have produced content for the BBC and Channel 4 and with a number of independent production companies including Micro-Documentaries, Thoughtful Robot Productions, Flicker Flacker Films and Newton Films on documentary projects in all stages of production, short films for non-profits, docu-style videos for corporate clients, live event coverage and producing content for national television channels (including BBC, Channel 4 and National Geographic).  

I have run two successful Kickstarter campaigns - raising over $100K for the independent documentary, Almost Sunrise and over Β£15K for the short documentary, A Love Worth Giving.

I have used my production skills to support a number of non-profit endeavours from producing short films for the child abandonment charity, Child's i Foundation in Kampala, Uganda to the development and implementation of the non-profit, afterschool program, Old School Films.

I have also worked as a Hand Model represented by Hired Hands (info@hiredhandsmodels.com or 020 7267 9212).